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What would be different if your strategy was readily translated into actionable priorities?

We partner with you to to define your strategic vision, translate that vision into tangible implementation actions, and build the capabilities you need for growth.

What would be different if your resources and priorities were aligned in a simple organization structure?

We help you rethink your structures, define priorities, and ensure that you have the right governance and coordination mechanisms to simplify focus, be more adaptive to change and improve decision making.

What would be different if your employees felt engaged, motivated and took ownership for delivering results?

Our unique combination of coaching, culture management, talent awareness and change management will help you to reenergize your team for the future.


"The business case behind Situational Engagement is clear. Active disengagement is hurting your bottom line. The lack of employee engagement is preventing you from innovating, growing and moving forward."

Why Us

We take a very practical and results-oriented approach to understanding organization and people issues.  We use our years of experience to help you tackle complex problems and reach implementable solutions.  We have experience in diagnosing organizational issues, designing and aligning structures, defining and implementing strategy and working with leaders and teams to achieve business results.  We believe that organizational consulting is best delivered in a customized way.  While we bring a breadth of experience, knowledge and tools we do not believe that there are "one-size-fits-all" solutions to organization challenges or projects.  We don't come with a set of templates to be pre-populated or a pre-set toolkit to be used.  Instead, we work with you to understand your business needs and determine which tools or approaches will be most efficient for achieving results for your organization.

Does your leadership team work together?  We can help you:

Build team effectiveness and improve trust and collaboration.

Drive outcomes with shared priorities, action plans, and accountabilities.

Improve employee engagement.


Does your HR team drive a strategic talent agenda?  We can help you:

Translate desired outcomes into tangible and measureable HR goals.

Create or refine your strategy to maximize talent, capabilities and workforce planning.

Be strategic while still managing the tactics of operational execution.

Does your project team feel ownership and passion for their work?  We can help you:

Articulate a clear and compelling vision with defined and measurable outcomes.

Accelerate achievement of results through action plans with defined milestones and accountabilities.

Manage organization change.